File This July 17, 2012 file photo shows Karlene Bley of Los

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Canada Goose online The first time Colapesce do it easly. The second time, although the sea was very depth, it wasn’t too difficult for him. The third time, again, it was not too difficult, at all. File This July 17, 2012 file photo shows Karlene Bley of Los Angeles spread her torchon of foie gras onto bread during lunch at the Presidio Social Club restaurant in San Francisco. (AP)LOS ANGELES (AP) California restaurants can once again feature foie gras after a federal judge cut loose the ban on the fatty goose liver’s sale in the state. District Judge Stephen V.Chefs cheered the return of the delicacy.”Let the foie start flowing again!” said chef Sean Chaney of Hot’s Kitchen, a restaurant that challenged the law.Animal rights groups blasted the practice of fattening the geese and ducks for foie gras as cruel and inhumane, and urged Attorney General Kamala Harris to appeal the decision, though her office had no immediate comment.The ruling came early enough in the day that producers could ship foie gras to restaurants overnight, said attorney Michael Tenenbaum, who represented Chaney and foie gras farmers in Canada and New York who joined in challenging the law.It is expected on many California menus Thursday and many more by the weekend.State lawmakers voted in 2004 to bar California farmers from force feeding birds with a tube, which is how foie gras is produced Canada Goose online.

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